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Selected Topics in Philosophy – seminar 2018./19.

Course title: Selected Topics in Philosophy – seminar

Course holder: Assoc. Prof. Hrvoje Jurić, Ph.D.

Lecturers: Assoc. Prof. Hrvoje Jurić, Ph.D.; Assist. Prof. Goran Sunajko, Ph.D.; Prof. Emerit. Nadežda Čačinovič, Ph.D.; Marko Kos, M.A.; Luka Perušić, M.A.; Assoc. Prof. Goran Kardaš, Ph.D.; Assoc. Prof. Davor Lauc, Ph.D.; Assist. Prof. Ivana Zagorac, Ph.D.; Assist. Prof. Luka Bogdanić, Ph.D.; Assoc. Prof. Marko Tokić, Ph.D.; Assist. Prof. Ljudevit Fran Ježić, Ph.D.; Mislav Žitko, Ph.D.; Assist. Prof. Ankica Čakardić, Ph.D.

Duration of the course: 1 semester (2 hours per week; 30 hours during semester)

ECTS credits: 3

Language of the course: English

Teaching methods: Lectures and discussions

Methods of assessment: Students are expected to actively participate in discussions and to work on their own research projects within the subject field of philosophy. There is no oral or written exam. Students are expected to write, until the end of semester, one paper on the topic of their choice under the supervision of a professor of their choice.  

Evaluation of the course: Evaluation of student participation in discussions, evaluation of student papers

Aim of the course:  The aim of this course is to name and recognize different philosophical disciplines and their main topics, to distinguish different philosophical approaches, to describe the historical development of main philosophical concepts, to compare different philosophical views on the particular philosophical subject, to critically assess contemporary philosophical issues, and to apply philosophical approach in an interdisciplinary context.

Contents of the course:

  • Introduction (1 March; Hrvoje Jurić)
  • Ontology and metaphysics (8 March; Goran Sunajko)
  • Philosophy of history (15 March; Goran Sunajko)
  • Aesthetics (22 March; Nadežda Čačinovič)
  • Ethics (29 March; Hrvoje Jurić)
  • Philosophy of technology (5 April; Marko Kos)
  • Bioethics (12 April, Luka Perušić)
  • Indian philosophy (19 April; Goran Kardaš)
  • Logic and philosophy of science (26 April; Davor Lauc)
  • Philosophy of education (3 May; Ivana Zagorac)
  • Philosophical anthropology (10 May; Luka Bogdanić)
  • Ancient Greek philosophy (17 May; Marko Tokić)
  • Classical German idealism (24 May; Ljudevit Fran Ježić)
  • Marx and Marxist philosophies (31 May; Mislav Žitko)
  • Social philosophy and gender philosophy (7 June, Ankica Čakardić)

Literature: Classical and contemporary philosophical works according to particular issues